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New academic year plans?  Book your room now and pay later

Right now, we may feel that everything is on pause with the outbreak of the coronavirus. But let’s not forget that it is just a difficult phase and after a while, life will get back to normal.We are here to make sure that you can continue with your plans during this uncertain period. You can secure your room now without paying any fee for the next academic year. If the situation is still unstable and your plans change, you can cancel your booking. There will be no cancellation fee.

You have the flexibility to pay the deposit until 10/6/2020 to confirm your booking. Once you confirm your booking, you don’t need to worry about your instalment payment either, you have the flexibility to pay the first instalment until 01/7/2020.

Contact us for more information and you can book for the new academic year without any worry or hesitation.  

Terms and Conditions 
-Applicable to bookings received from 15.05.2020, any bookings received previous to this are subject to different terms and conditions
-Applicable to new academic year bookings from 24 weeks with check-in from 30 August 2020.
-Limited time offer applicable to bookings made until 31 May 2020.

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