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Book now and Pay later

Haven’t sorted out your accommodation for your next academic year?  Great news Londonist just relaunched our book now pay later offer.

The Corona virus outbreak had a profound impact on everyone’s life, yet, we must keep looking upwards and onwards. Remember that this it is just a difficult phase and after a while, life will get back to normal. Here at Londonist we want to make sure that you can continue with your plans during this uncertain period.

To help you with the decision-making process and planning your new exciting life, you can secure your room now for next academic year, without any immediate payments due.

  1. Book your room without paying anything
  2. The initial payment of a £250 deposit will only be due by 10.06.2020 to confirm your booking
  3. Your £40 booking fee + first instalment has been extended to 01.07.2020

Contact us for more information and you can book for the new academic year without any worry or hesitation.

Terms and Conditions

- Applicable to bookings received from 15.05.2020, any bookings received precious to this are subject to different terms and conditions
- Offer valid on bookings received until 10 June 2020
- Applicable to new academic year bookings of 24+ weeks with check-in from 30 August 2020



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