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“ I love cleaning!” said very few people ever! 


But cleanliness is more important than ever and if you dread cleaning, our offer will sparkle up your life not just your room! Londonist is offering FREE weekly cleaning worth up to £1,000 on all of our residences!

But wait, that’s not all, we’re also giving you FREE airport transfers! Londonist is making sure your safety comes first, with having you worry about as little as possible!  



Book 24 weeks:

You’ll receive 13 weeks cleaning worth £350 + 1 FREE airport transfer.

Book 36 weeks:

You’ll receive 15 weeks cleaning worth £400 + 1 FREE airport transfer.

Book 43 weeks:

You’ll receive 22 weeks cleaning worth £900 + 2 FREE airport transfers.

Book 51 weeks:

You’ll receive 25 weeks cleaning worth £1,000 + 2 FREE airport transfers.





Terms and conditions: 

  • Applicable to bookings received by 31st October 
  • Applicable to new academic year bookings from check-in date by the 31st October 
  • Offer is applicable to all London residences.
  • This offer is subject to one cleaning per week.
  • This offer is not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  • The term airport transfer is subject to a singular journey.
  • Airport transfers are applicable from airports; Gatwick, Heathrow and Luton.





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