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VR Tour

COVID POLICY 3.0 (Bookings Made Between 2nd May 2021-1st July 2021)


If you have booked within 1 April 2021 – 1 August 2021 and any of below conditions are applicable for you, you can benefit from exceptional flexible policies where you can cancel or defer your booking easily instead of Standard Policies.

If you are unable to travel due to Covid related situations, you have right to cancel your booking without no extra charge if you provide us a proof within 3 days.

Yes, if you provide us a proof within 3 days, you can defer your booking before your check-in date for no extra charge.

Yes, you can self-isolate at our residences and Londonist will be here to provide you with all information you may need.

You are advised to stay in your room while in self-isolation. If you need any assistance, you can inform the residence team. But please note that you must follow the government guidelines for your specific country and position.


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