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6 Things University Students Need to Know

  1. Arrange your dream accommodation - deciding where to settle for your student accommodation can seem like a big task itself and should be the first thing you do you should especially ig you're an international student. Whether you're looking for a vity view, private suite or your own kitchen, Londonist has you covered with our 24 hours support service.

  2. Your student finances - Make sure your finances are properly thought about before venturing off to you Uni, as these really do help you get through. As you don't want to just be living off plain pasta and no social life.

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  3. Keep organised - Packing for any occasion can be very stressful let alone for University, so make sure you’re well prepared especially if you’re moving to a different country. Prioritise what you need by creating a checklist sectioned by important documents like passport, national insurance number etc to stationary you need for Uni.

  4. Get to know the area - moving away from your hometown can be daunting at first, but soon enough you’ll learn your way around the campus and city in no time, making plenty of friends to eat and drink out with!

  5. Learn some easy and quick recipe's - With your newfound freedom you forget you have to quickly become responsible for yourself and that includes cooking for yourself and even flat-mates. Fast food in all cities very accessible it’s not the healthiest nor cheapest way, so try watching a couple YouTube videos or online recipe books.

  6. Get to know your future house-mates - First impressions can be a little scary at first, but by breaking the ice via social media through Facebook groups and other social media platforms.

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