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Affordable Ways to Transform Your Room!

Decorating your University room is a must as it’ll be so many things – a place to relax, a place to study, a place to socialise. These simple room decorations we’ve got for you are stylish, fun, and quick. Bear in mind If you’re planning on moving into student accommodation, there will be restrictions on what you can do to your room.

1. Bright Bedding

One of the easiest steps to transforming you room is getting stylish & bright bedding. Good quality bedding needn’t cost a fortune, either, making it an ideal money-saving decoration idea for you. Pretty throws also add an extra layer, particularly when their colours contrast that of the bedding.

2. Mirrors

Make your room appear bigger by the trickery of mirrors, there are plenty of stylish and inexpensive freestanding mirrors, no need to drill holes in your walls either. A well-placed mirror can make a poky room feel like a spacious apartment, creating added light from the sun reflecting and widening the space.

3. Plants

Bringing a little part of nature into your accommodation will always bring the benefits of reducing stress and anger, creating a chilled-out atmosphere which is very much needed once you start getting assignments. Being a responsible plant parent is a commitment, so if you’re going to forget to keep them watered occasionally, we suggest cacti, spider plants as they are low maintenance.

4. Photo's & Prints

While being away from family and friends it can be hard not to feel homesick sometimes, so we defiantly suggest in printing a bunch of photos to hang around your room. This will be comforting but also give your space a homely touch.

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