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Games to Play on Video Chat

#1 Drink Talk Learn

To play, participants pick a topic they are interested in and prepare a three-minute PowerPoint on it. Three awards are given out (but more can be added): Best Overall Presentation, Funniest Slides, and Closest to Three Minutes Without Going Over.


#2 Scavenger Hunt

The event host will share the challenge list at the same time, with each person hunting from a remote location to find the items on the list


#3 Storytelling I Spy

To play, each person takes a turn picking an object in their house and telling the story of how they got it, without actually saying what it is. The rest of the group then has to guess as quickly as they can.


#4 Drawing Challenges

Each player will take it in turns to draw something that pops into their head, the first player to guess the answer correctly wins and is their turn to draw something.


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