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Making new friends at university

Starting university is exciting but can also be a daunting experience, whether you're far away from home or having to make new friends. However, don't panic; there's plenty of opportunities you can take to your advantage.

Social media

As we all know social media really can be used to our full advantage, there is plenty of Facebook pages and group chats started for courses or student housing. Getting to know and messaging students this way can help you get to know everyone before university begins.


A great way to make friends is by sharing accommodation, this is an excellent opportunity to meet people right before freshers. Get to know them and explore your new city as you'll likely be spending quite a lot of time with them if you're sharing a kitchen and living room so making friends with them can help you settle in and feel comfortable in your accommodation.


During the fresher's week, it's a great place to interact and meet new people, with loads of activities and parties. Don't forget everyone is in the same situation too so everyone is open to making new friends so don't be nervous.


Taking the same course and being in the same class means you'll have common interests straight away. Please take the opportunity to sit with different people and get to know them.

Clubs and Societies

After freshers and you've settled in joining clubs and societies could be a perfect idea. Finding like-minded people that have the same interest and hobbies.

Always take opportunities to take part and engage with everyone until you find friends who you can laugh with, enjoy spending time with and just being yourself around.

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