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What Are Your New Year’s Resolutions?

What Are Your New Year’s Resolutions?

Whether you buy into the new year's resolution tradition or not, the start of a fresh new calendar year can be a great way to focus on goals and aims for the next twelve months. Taking a step back over the holidays can give you some new perspective and space to look at what you want to stop, to start, and to continue.

Here at Londonist we want to help you reach your goals so we have some inspiration for you! Using the ‘stop, start, continue’ method we give you some ideas here, as well as a list of common new year’s resolutions you might want to try.


When you’ve been studying for a while you can get set into some routines and it’s a good idea to visit them and see if they’re helping you or not. Some routine can be good - especially when the world is a little chaotic, but do ask yourself if they’re aiding you. For example, you may have a set social group - is it time to make some new friends? Join some new societies? You may have a study schedule that you’ve been sticking to, and if it’s not broken - don’t fix it, as they say, but if you aren’t getting the grades you want or find it is slipping, why not look at a new routine that might work better and give you the results you’d like?


A very common new year’s resolution is to get healthier. And this is no bad thing but ideally you need to make it manageable and achievable. What exercise can you fit in? How can you make mealtimes healthier but still easy? If you over complicate it you’re unlikely to stick to it.

And don’t forget there are other health goals, not just food and exercise. Sleep is of huge value, do you already have a great sleeping pattern or routine? If you have the chance to track your sleep with an app, do so - then look at how to improve.

We, at Londonist, love the Calm app which can help you drop off, from bedtime stories (from celebrities!) through to nature’s sounds and music it will also help you learn how to meditate which has proven to be beneficial for stress, clarity of thought, increased focus and energy and can even boost the body’s immune system.


If you have some habits and routines that already help you, just keep doing them! If you feel you can improve a little, aim for 1% improvements in several areas. The book ‘ Atomic Habits’ by James Clear is great for showing you how you can start a new habit, improve on an existing one or get rid of one that isn’t helping.

Ideas for new year’s resolutions:

  1. Discover a new London borough or activity each month
    (when regulations are eased). For inspo, try the Airbnb experiences. Link
  2. Keep your CV updated
    Add in your societies, groups etc
  3. Get more organised
    Find what works for you, sticky notes, mind maps, the Pomodoro technique or a study group?
  4. Join a new society or club; even if it is online, it’s a great way to keep yourself engaged and active!
  5. Plan your meals better
    Consider budgeting, reusing leftovers, batch cooking, including your 5 a day
  6. Quit smoking/drinking/social media at night
  7. Learn to meditate
    Try apps like Headspace, Calm etc to help you
  8. Drink more water each day
  9. Sanitise your phone weekly
  10. Declutter your room and kitchen;
    you’ll be amazed at how cleansed and organised you feel after!
  11. Switch up your exercise routine, or start one!
  12. Establish a morning routine, starting with making your bed every day
  13. Actively recognise your achievements,
    congratulate yourself and give yourself a pat on the back for jobs done
  14. Volunteer or give a small act of kindness every day
  15. Take time to read more books just for pleasure

If you decide to make a new year’s resolution, we’d love to hear about it. Either way, the Londonist team are dedicated to helping and supporting our students and we aim, as always, to keep you safe, secure and smiling in your student accommodation.


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