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Short Stay / IQ Raffles House

IQ Raffles House

Raffles House in Wembley offers modern student accommodation with a range of social spaces, just a short walk from bus routes and Wembley Park Tube.

Bronze En Suite
Bronze En Suite 1-1 Weeks
Bronze En Suite 1-1 Weeks
Bronze Studio
Bronze Studio 1-1 Weeks
Bronze Studio 4-4 Weeks
Silver Studio
Silver Studio 1-1 Weeks
Silver Studio 4-4 Weeks
Bronze Studio Plus
Bronze Studio Plus 1-1 Weeks
Bronze Studio Plus 4-4 Weeks
Gold Studio
Gold Studio 4-4 Weeks
Gold Studio 10-10 Weeks
Gold Studio Plus
Gold Studio Plus 4-4 Weeks
Gold Studio Plus 10-10 Weeks
Silver studio plus
Silver studio plus 1-1 Weeks
Silver studio plus 4-4 Weeks


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