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The Culture Shock and Benefits of Studying in the UK

6 Things University Students Need to Know


Dealing with culture shock for international students can be difficult in every aspect of your lifestyle.

However, this shouldn’t scare you as thousands of students every year travel to the UK for their education, therefore making it easier to adapt to the UK culture. With London being a hugely diverse and multicultural environment, you tend to learn a lot about different cultures and ethnicities!

This blog post will share some suggestions on how to overcome it and adjust to life as a new university student in London.

    1. Be open to making new friends and establish connections.

Making friends in university is very important, especially at the beginning as those friendships play a big part of your university experience. They can also make the effect of culture shock have less impact on you if you are surrounded with people, particular those who are in the same boat as you!

    1. Ask questions

Don’t be afraid to asking questions, university life can be difficult at first juggling both the social aspects and workload, you will be surprised how much people are willing to help you

    1. Keep in contact with your loved ones back home

Make time to contact your friends and family back home regularly. Not only will they be eager to hear all about your travels but will also relieve homesickness and stress

    1. Take care of yourself physically and mentally

It’s very important that you make sure you look after yourself whether that be going to a yoga session, gym class or meditating taking it outdoors for fresh air and out of your accommodation always helps too

    1. Don’t isolate yourself

The worst thing you can do while trying to adjust and deal with culture shock is shut yourself away in your accommodation. In most cases other students at your university are probably facing the same feeling, so reach out!



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