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Londonist Virtual Reality Tour

So, we are all a bit ‘over’ having to stay in our homes with limited exercise and only seeing our friends and family over Zoom, right? It won’t be long, and we can get back to normal (rather than ‘the new normal’ that everyone keeps mentioning). Life WILL go on and we have studying to do, places to go, friends and make and fun to have!

Want to get ready? Want to feel like you’ve done a bit of travelling? Fancy preparing for your new step into London’s education? Well, come with us, we’ve got something super cool to show you.

The first virtual reality Londonist experience is here and now you can explore one of our residences from your couch!

What’s Virtual Reality? Well – if you don’t know, come and have a look around. It’s the next best thing to actually being there. It’s easy, free, informative and gives you a great experience without having to fly, and if you want to stay in your PJs while looking around, well, we will never know.

And let’s face it, we all love a nose around other people’s houses, so come and see the whole of our residence and get a feel for how awesome it would be to live in a Londonist student accommodation!

We’re going to treat you to a personal tour of our gorgeous Spitalfields Residence. 

You’ll get a warm welcome when you virtually step through the door and into the reception, where there’s always a smile to show you in. From there you can choose what to go and look at. Choices, choices! There’s so much at this student residence you won’t know where to start.

Are you into working out? You can go and check out the spacious gym and picture yourself on one of our up-to-the-minute machines, working up a sweat! Or if you’re feeling more zen you can practice your yoga and stretch away the stresses of the day.

Or did you fancy a nose at our cinema room, where you can hang out with your mates, popcorn and smiles at the ready? You can check it out on our Londonist VR tour!

Ok so you also want to look at the rooms, you’ll be spending a lot of time there studying, sleeping and chilling out so it makes sense! Click on ‘rooms’ and have a good wander around, see where you’ll be snoozing away, getting insta-ready and of course focusing hard on your studies.

And if you venture up to the 32nd floor you can join in the fun party up there! Complete with a really amazing 360 degree view of the iconic London skyline! What a place to impress your friends back home!

And why stop there? You can even fly OVER London! Woohoo! Let’s go!

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We’ll see you there!


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