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Londonist X Yourtime Partnership

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Yourtime, the only peer to peer tutoring app in the UK to improve student learning!

Yourtime is a must have app for any university student! Whether you’re stuck on a question or are just looking for more practice or guidance in one of your subjects – it’s so helpful! And, it even gets better, you can also be a tutor on the app, so if can teach other students what you are skilled in, whilst earning a bit of pocket money on the side!

Learn anything:

Finding yourself a tutor - Browse peer tutors from not only your university, but all UK universities! All the Student-Tutors have a. completed profile showing their qualifications, experiences and ratings! And then it’s all up to you to select your best match!

Become a tutor:

Share your knowledge. Work around your schedule. Set your own rates!


Meet new students – enjoy the convenience of express sessions by connecting in seconds with. The online student-tutors, or you can even schedule in advance your session with your prefect peer match!

With our partnership with Yourtime, we’re creating a community where students can collaborate and learn, and we are here to give assistance with that!

So, what benefits will you get out of this partnership?
  • Well, when you register as a new student with Londonist you’ll get a discount of 15% on a session
  • Exclusive webinars and events about useful insights into studying!
  • If you have been referred from Yourtime you’ll be getting 2 weeks free accommodation with Londonist on 12+ weeks bookings

Plus, much more!

We are very excited about this collaboration! We’ll be regularly updating our Instagram Profile with the latest from this partnership, so make sure to keep tuned in!

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