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Being more productive working from home

As most of you are all very aware of working from home or the new norm shall we say. It can be quite a challenge to stay productive and not just cancel your online lectures and hop back into bed!

But don’t worry...

At Londonist DMC we feel you as our entire team now works remotely too!

So, we have come up with some tips to help:

Create a morning routine

What in your morning routine indicates you’re about to start work? It might be making a cup of coffee or looking at your to do list for the today. Whatever it is it a routine can be more powerful than a clock at helping you get started each day and will definitely be the building blocks to having a good day.

Structure your day like you would in Uni/ Office

When working from home, if can be very easy to distract yourself from actually doing your work and losing focus very quickly.

To stay on schedule and be productive, plan out your pieces of work throughout the course of the day (I know that’s an obvious thing but many people don’t)

If you have an online calendar or even set reminders on your phone to create personal events and reminders that alert you when to start on the next piece of work.

Take breaks

Making sure you take regular breaks from looking at your computer is key to being proactive and better concentration, as its impossible to work nonstop without paying a price.

Take breaks

To the extent that its allowed and safe where you are during COVID, but it’s essential to get out of the house as exercise is amazing for both mental and physical health providing you can maintain social distancing.

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