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Meet our new logo

Our logo is an integral part of who we are. It has served us well since we opened for business in 2013. We've come to love our logo and become used to seeing it on the pages of notepads and branded water bottles. A sense of pride consumes us when we notice our current logo on the sponsorship sections of webinar invites, web pages of industry awarding organisations, and on social media banners of partners.   

Change is the only constant thing in life. The Londonist DMC brand is growing and embracing dynamic ideals but still focused on providing students with the best home away from home experience. Being faced with this reality, we asked ourselves if our current logo and branding are shaped to fit with who we are becoming. The answer was a resounding no, hence the need for a new logo.  

Our first logo was simple and elegant, but it didn't do the job expected. Its typography was thin and poorly legible. For this reason, it was only suitable for large-scale use and caused difficulties in limited areas. Also, the red colour is a bit serious for a company whose target audience is young people. The red color is powerful, but it does not blend well with every colour. In addition, we are expanding into several subsidiary companies, and the logo could not be easily modified to suit the newer brands created. The goal was to design a logo that the different Londonist companies could adapt to appeal to their respective audiences while evoking the same image in everyone's mind. 

A sense of community and home are core elements of the Londonist brand. With these in perspective, our team worked to create a modular logo design per the innovative and ever-growing structure of the company. While the overall design remains the same, we have designed a customizable logo for each sub-company. We created icons suitable for each subsidiary firm's field and determined a distinctive color for each. The letter 'O' is integrated into the logo, and in the design world, a round-shaped figure represents unity, community, harmony, and protection. The second letter 'O' was chosen to make the icon the focal point in the middle of the logo. In addition, an icon has been created for each sub-company which can be applied in small areas and mobile applications.  

The journey from the old to the new logo was thoughtful, cautious, yet bold. All the logo icons are comprised of rectangular and circular shapes. Rectangular shapes represent stability while their round counterparts express community and commitment. We chose a vibrant orange as a distinctive colour to provide Londonist DMC with a dynamic look. Regarding Londonist Investments, we opted for purple for the sophisticated and reliable feel. In terms of Londonist Technologies, we went with a vibrant blue, the colour of the future.  Meet our new logo! We will like to introduce you to it and ensure you won't be too surprised when you find it on our partner sites and marketing collateral.  We are still Londonist DMC. Driven with the same purpose but powered with a new logo and an evolving brand. 

Londonist DMC


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