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Outdoor places in London to help inspire you

Whilst living in London during Lockdown 3.0 it can be hard to juggle a balance of a healthy body and mind, especially as gyms are closed.

To help you with this we have come up with some of the best city walks that might be right round the corner from you!

Richmond park

Escape to the great outdoors in Richmond Pak the largest Royal Park in London. Known for its wide-open spaces, grasslands and deer herds. Offering a peaceful retreat from the city.

St James’s Park

Located in the heart of London is offers stunning scenery with lakes, bridges and landscaped garden areas, with an abundance of wildlife to see.

Regent’s Canal

Stretching for nine miles this is a great walking route for Londoners looking to get away from the high-rise buildings. With all the traditional colours and charter of the barges it really does feel like you’re not in London.

The South Bank

Sure, in post lockdown times South Bank would’ve been a nightmare to have a leisurely stroll. With businesspeople queuing outside Pret or tourists everywhere – but during lockdown it’s a perfect destination.

Primrose Hill

A stomping ground for rock stars, actresses and their yoga instructors, Primrose hill offers its beautiful panoramic views over Regent’s Park and the city skyline. Making it a peaceful abode for a stroll.

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